Are you in the same position that you joined the company? If not, tell us a little about the change and what influenced it?

I started in 2011 as Crane Operator, Exit Store Operator, Loading Trucks, Loading Rail, in the logistics department.  Having a desire to advance in the company I applied in 2017 for the Weighmaster in Front Gate Logistics. In May 2021, I began working in the Procurement department as an Analyst in the Central Receiving office. 

What are your daily activities?

*Processing receipt transactions of delivery site. 

*Verify correctness of all orders received from a vendor or freight carrier.

*Ensure correctness/receipt transactions of all parcel shipments for internal stakeholders. Also, ensure parcel shipments are delivered to the correct mill receiving drop-off locations.

*Produce weekly reports for parcel carrier counts (i.e., FedEx, UPS, and DHL).

What are your role’s main challenges?

*Acclimating to new process regarding all things Central Receiving.  Even though our department works closely with the Front Gate logistics department (Bulk Chemical deliveries, Zinc/Aluminum Ingots, Consignment Packaging Materials) there are a few things that are very different that I have learned about the many facets of central receiving.

What describes AM/NS Calvert for you?

AM/NS Calvert has been a life changing experience for me. It has allowed me to assist my family, as well as make many of my dreams come true since joining the team 10 years ago.

What does Calvert represent in your career development?

Calvert has strengthened my mindset and the concept of being a team player. Calvert has also enhanced my self-motivation and allowed me to be the person that others can rely on.  I strive for excellence and don’t mind going the extra mile to accomplish a common goal for the company!

What is a characteristic, trait, or belief that helps define who you are?

Dedication and dependability.  I strive to improve daily and innovate new ways to include diverse communities.   I believe, If I can do it, this will motivate other women to believe in themselves and know they can do it too. My dad and seven uncles paved the way for me to have the confidence and belief in hard work, as they dedicated over 40 years to Courtaulds Fibers where I was introduced to the industrial field. With God, all things are possible!

Do you participate in any committees or projects that are parallel to the activities of your position?  Yes! Which? Diversity Inclusion Committee

How meaningful is it to you personally and in your career to be on this committee/project?

It’s extremely meaningful to me to advocate for the equality of women in a male dominant field. The Diversity Inclusion Committee allows me to actively do this.

“Some things cannot be taught they must be experienced; you never learn the
most valuable lesson in life until you go through your own Journey”.

A focus of interest in personal life.

I love God, family, cooking, and riding motorcycles. I love having a special time with my mom.   I’ve been with my wonderful husband for 26 years we have one daughter and two beautiful grandchildren.