Mind and body

A happy and healthy workforce is the secret to a successful business.  At AM/NS Calvert, we encourage our employees to get fit and make healthy choices.

Aside from the standard benefits like salary, retirement and healthcare, AM/NS Calvert provides employees opportunities to better their health and productivity.  A Wellness Committee comprised of fellow employees, coordinates on-site activities for employees of all skill levels.

Life Style
Our Health & Safety Team along with the Wellness Committee, promote employee wellness through our annual Safety Day, Walk at Lunch event, Health Week, on-site bio-metrics, nutrition and fitness classes.  Other programs such as smoking cessation and our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provide counseling services to employees and extended family members.

AM/NS Calvert EAP emphasizes the importance of mental health with a variety of counseling services aimed to assist employees with personal matters such as finances, stress, addiction, family matters and harassment.