Superior pay for superior performance

ArcelorMittal Dofasco provides employees with a market competitive total compensation package. Our promise is to provide superior pay for superior performance, accompanied by comprehensive health and wellness, pension, vacation and related programs.

VCP & Profit Sharing

Combined with competitive wages and salaries, the pillars of our pay for performance strategy are a Variable Compensation Plan (VCP) and Profit Sharing program. Available to permanent employees, VCP begins on day one and is paid out quarterly, while profit sharing begins after two years’ service and is paid out annually. Both are designed to ensure that when the company succeeds, employees’ contributions to that success are recognized and rewarded. On average, variable compensation is approximately 10% of an employee’s salary while profit sharing is 14% of the company’s pre-tax net profit distributed equally across all Fund members.


At ArcelorMittal Dofasco, we provide 120 Hours of vacation per year at a minimum.

Pension & Benefits

 In addition, our pension plans are designed to provide a strong foundation to help you achieve long-term financial security and our Group Supplemental Benefits are designed so that employees can be assured that you and your family maintain good health through coverage on everyday medical expenses. The plans are designed to help protect against potentially significant financial health costs of unplanned medical events such as chronic conditions, injury or illness. 

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